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ICON spoofed in annual Nanowerk April Fools post

Nanowerk, those industrious, comprehensive compilers and commenters on all things nano, issued their annual April Fools' day joke piece, entitled, Nanotechnology miracle drug for weight loss. The folks at Nanowerk remembered my mild complaint at having been excluded from last year's piece and obliged with a jab at our workshops. We're flattered.

Here's a, ummm, taste.
Not to be outdone, the Institute for Cool Nanotechnology (ICON) has convened an international group to assess cultural impacts of splifferene-based materials and products. A two-day workshop in May is designed to engage an international, multidisciplinary group of experts in developing a framework for understanding the interactions of splifferenes with various sectors of society. Prior workshops focused on predicting health-related impacts; this workshop emphasizes the tools and practices needed to assess the hipness factor for splifferene-based products. In conjunction with the workshop, ICON is also sponsoring a product testing.

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Unknown said...

Why would someone make an April fools joke about something so serious Obesity is serious.