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The GoodNanoGuide Gaining Traction

The GoodNanoGuide is an interactive online collaborative site for developing, sharing and discussing good practices for handling engineered nanomaterials. [As I have only recently resurrected this blog please accept my apologies for not reviewing all the history of the GoodNanoGuide. An informational page about the project can be found here.] The beta site is nearly complete and will soon be ready for beta testing. Next week we'll preview the site with the Planning and Implementation Committee, make additional modifications, and proceed with further beta testing. Each beta test will open the site up to a larger group of testers culminating with a public launch in a few months' time.
Meanwhile, the GoodNanoGuide has been discussed within a number of forums recently, including Frogheart.ca and by Matthew Jaffe at the Food and Drug Law Institute's 2nd Annual Conference on Nanotechnology Law, Regulation & Policy. The Canadian coalition that is supporting the development of the beta site also brought information about the project to nano tech 2009 currently underway in Tokyo.
Stay tuned...

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